At USONICIG, we responsibly market to adult vapers. Which is why we need to verify your age and location.

Great Performance with Nic Salts

Using high frequency vibrating (2,400,000 times/sec)
instead of heating, to convert e-liquid into vapour

Great Performance with Nic Salts

Nicotine salts can be well maintained and delivered in unbroken form More efficient way for nicotine intake

Lower Temperature

Ultrasonic Vaping Device produces vapour by physically vibration at lower temperature, by which cool taste is provided meanwhile healthier experience is expected

Healthier Than Ever

Lower temperature effectively decreases the risk of harmful chemical emissions Healthier vaping experience is expected.

Say No to E-liquid Mouth Coating

E-liquid would be magnified into much tinier particles Smoother vapour brings no more e-liquid coating in mouth after vaping