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More than
Fire Button

Bold design of the fire button combine music element
with mechanical principle, bring you both visual and
tactile enjoyment.

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Ring Lights

Brilliant lights build on the advanced indication and protection
functions to let you know what situation the device is.

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Say Yes
to the New

Small body but subvert your recognition again and again.
Breathe creation into your common vaping life.

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  • 2.0ml (Max)

    E-liquid Capacity

  • 1500mAh

    Battery Capacity

  • 2.4 MHz

    UltraSonic Frequency

  • 2hrs

    Charging Time

  • 96*51*38mm


  • 49.5*23*22mm

    Size of Tank

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Redefine the fire button. The shape’s inspired by musical note and deliver the dramatically cosy feeling to your finger such as enjoying the elegant melody.
Man-machine engineering design. Inner arc shape of the trigger button was considered for perfectly fitting your finger.
Mechanical trigger button utilize 

Indication of Power

When press fire button, the indicator lights will be
on to show the present battery power. After
release fire button the power status will be hold
for 2 seconds then all lights off.

PowerOn / Off


Short Circuit Protection

When short circuit occurs, press the fire button, five white lights and 2 orange lights  will flash 10 times within 5 seconds.

Low Voltage Protection

When the battery voltage is below 3.0V, press the fire button, the orange light will flash 5 times, it means the device need to be charged.

Over Charging Protection

When the battery is fully charged, the device will stop charging automatically.

Over Vaping Protection

When the fire button is pressed over 12 seconds, and power output will be shut off, 5 white lights will flash 10 times within 5 seconds.

Anti-Dry Burning Protection

When there is no enough E-liquid in the device, orange light will be on for 5 seconds and the device will be automatically shut down.

Overheating Protection

When the device overheats, it will automatically stop working. Please restart it when the device cools down.

Cross Airflow System™

Cross airflow system overturn the traditional air intake system. Instead of coming out from the middle tube, the air will come in from the middle tube and then come out from two tubes around the middle tube. In this case, you can perfectly stay away from crackling.

Magnetic Tank

A magnetic tank helps you replace the tank more easily than ever. Just take the tank out and put a new one in when you need to replace it. The magnetic tank creates a new replacement way without any additional operation and lets you free from the tedious replacement process.

Square Tank

Stand out of the cylindrical tank

Top Filling

Rotate to open the top filling slot, easy to refill

Food Contact Material

Feel safe and sound when you vape



  • 1* Mod (include a RHYTHM Tank and a built-in chip)

  • 1* Additional RHYTHM Tank (built-in chip)

  • 1* USB Cable

  • 1* Users’manual

  • 1* Warranty card


    E-liquid Capacity:2.0ml (Max)           Size of Tank:23.0*21.6*43.8mm

    The picture is for reference only.


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