At USONICIG, we responsibly market to adult vapers. Which is why we need to verify your age and location.
First Ultrasonic Vaping Device
Using high frequency vibrating 2,400,000 times/sec instead of heating to convert e-liquid into vapour

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Great Performance with Nic Salts

Nicotine salts can be well maintained and delivered in unbroken form More efficient way for nicotine intake

3 Colors Available

Classical Black and Orange: Passionate and Innovative
Deluxe Red: Elegant and
Sci-Fi Silver: Mystical and Unlimited

First Coil Free design in vaping industry

  • No Burnt Taste
  • No Dry Hits
  • No mixture metallic taste

Bold Trigger

Human engineering ingenuity is applied
The mechanical trigger button fits perfectly for finger clicking
Ultrasonic Tech