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Bioavailability of Vaping CBD liquid

Nov 22,2018

 Products containing CBD (the non-psychoactive cannabidiol element found in cannabis) are all the rage these days. From CBD liquid or oil to CBD-infused baked goods, candy, beauty products, and everything in between, consumers may be wondering how to get the most bang for their buck. In other words, which method of CBD consumption ensures the highest bioavailability?

According to research conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA), vaping CBD liquid provides the highest concentration of cannabidiol which can be used by the body. Listed below are the most common methods of administration along with the average CBD bioavailability (i.e., the percentage of CBD which can be metabolised by the body):

-40% for vaporised (absorbed through the lungs)

-34%-46% for intranasal (applied through the nose, i.e., through use of a nasal inhalant)

-35% for oromucosal (absorbed directly through the mouth)

-6% – 15% for oral (swallowed and digested by the GI system)

(Source: http://bhangers.com/resources/science/bioavailability-cbd-varies)

While consuming CBD liquid through vaping yields the most potent dosage, one vape method, in particular, stands out as the most effective.

Ingenious Ultrasonic Technology

Utilising the power generated from innovative ultrasonic technology, the Usonicig uses high-frequency vibration rather than traditional metal coil heating. This means absolutely no need for coils, and a more refreshing, less heat-intensive vape experience. Usonicig enthusiasts rave about the pleasant sensation, intense flavour, excellent vapour production, all without the harsh heat impact caused by traditional e-cigarettes. No more burnt taste, no more dry hits. Users also no longer have to worry about replacing coils, which is cost-effective, saves time and hassle. This is the perfect device for those especially interested in vaping CBD liquid.

How the Usonicig Increases the Bioavailability of CBD Liquid

The ground-breaking Usonicig technology utilises ultra-high frequency vibration at 2,400,000 beats per second to strike the surface of the e-liquid, producing vapour at a temperature of around 155 degrees C (311 degrees F). The vapour released by the ultrasonic method creates droplets which have a smaller molecular diameter and are consistently uniform in size. This is beneficial for two main reasons:

1. Smaller microparticles decrease the risk of harmful chemical emissions released into the body (when vaping nicotine-based liquid)

2. In the case of CBD liquid vaping, smaller, more compact microdroplets can be absorbed by cells in the body more effectively. This allows for more CBD to enter the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Higher CBD bioavailability and lower emission of noxious chemicals make Usonicig the perfect device for the health-conscious consumer. Ultrasonic vibrations rather than heated coils provide a less harmful vape experience. Thorough product testing has confirmed that the Usonicig system is 99.99% safer than traditional smoking! This is also an appealing feature for consumers who may not be regular e-cigarette users nor familiar with conventional vaping devices.

The Usonicig stands out in high performance and optimum CBD bioavailability. The design of the device is also appealing- sleek and modern, yet sturdy and compact. The Usonicig fits ideally in the user’s hand. A bold trigger button creates a uniquely tactile click-feeling when in use. Furthermore, practical Running Ring Lights indicate when the device is in need of recharging (requiring less than two hours of USB-charging for a full battery). The Usonicig looks as good as it performs!

Provide your Customers with Cutting-Edge Ultrasonic Technolgy

Ultrasonic technology is the e-cigarette industry’s latest and most exciting development. The Usonicig Rhythm received Vapouround Magazine’s ”Innovation of the Year 2018” award and notable recognition as ”Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry.”

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